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listopad 2012

Workshop with EU partners on Best practice in healthy and active ageing at the municipal level in Prague

The aim of the 1,5 day workshop is to provide space for presentation on AA/LTC, discussion about the criteria/indicators (e.g. inclusion/exclusion criteria) for the best practice
models of healthy and active ageing tools and policies and on the provision of services for
older people and long-term ill at municipal/regional level.

The workshop is crucial for exchange of ideas, mutual learning, know-how and feedback to providers as well as identification of best models with regard to their sustainability, financial stability, quality, accessibility and active participation of older people and their carers.

The workshop will be divided into several blocks with different aspects of AA and different aspect of good practice in AA/LTC. Summary of 1st day  presentations will be used in the second part of the workshop.

The workshop is organized by the Centre for the Study of longevity and long-term care (CELLO), which is then responsible for the content and content expert workshop.




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