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About the project

The project Novel policy framework for active, healthy and dignified ageing and provision of health and long term care services aims to develop modern policy framework improving quality, accessibility,and financial sustainability of health and long-term care services, while increasing the economic potential of the elderly through active and healthy ageing.

The project consists of four interlinked key activities (data collection and analyses, debate and exchange of experience, policy making and dissemination). Analytical studies will provide relevant data of the current situation in provision of health and long-term care services and measures for active, healthy and dignified ageing in both the Czech Republic and selected European countries.

Expert and public debate and exchange of experience comprising of best practice identification at municipal and national levels, on-site visits and workshops; public (surveys) and expert (seminars, workshops) debate will be carried out to gain sufficient experience for designing new policies. As a result the National Policy Framework - “Strategic plan for active, healthy and dignified ageing and provision of long-term care services” and the “Toolkit for Municipalities” will be designed and published.

Dissemination activities are closely interlinked with all project activities and form an important role in raising awareness of active ageing. The project itself should raise awareness about possibilities of active and healthy ageing as a main solution to the ageing of the Czech population and change perception of this phenomenon to an opportunity rather than a threat.

The project duration is two years from December 2011 to November 2013; and is financed from the European Union programme Progress and the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.