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Key activities

The project consists of 4 interlinked key activities (Data collection and analyses, Debate and exchange of experience, Policy making and Dissemination).

Data analysis

Analytical activities shall provide relevant data for policy makers to create new legislative and regulatory conditions.

Data collection and analytical activities are being carried out by the Ministry of Health and cooperating analysts/experts in the first half of the project (2nd to 12th month). Collected data provide relevant statistical information and analysis for other project activities, namely those of policy making and dissemination nature. Analysis will be compiled thematically to several e-reports and an executive summary in order to provide information for policy recommendations at local and national level.

The project will also establish priorities for continuing data collection concerning active and healthy ageing and provision of LTC.

Debate and exchange of experience

Public and expert debate as well as exchange of experience among European countries forms an important part of the project. The public and expert debate is carried out through workshops, seminars, surveys,articles and a webpage platform.

Sub activities are as follows:

  1. Best practice identification through meetings with providers/municipalities both in the CZ and EU countries and 2 workshops on best practice.
  2. Expert seminar on innovative policies for healthy and active ageing
  3. Public debate on the topic of active ageing
  4. Key officials' and experts' visits in chosen EU countries and providers and the EU events targeting active ageing or long-term care for the elderly.

Policy recommendations

A policy paper focusing on existing European policies on active and healthy ageing will be produced in the first year. Transferability of selected policies to the Czech Republic will be further discussed at seminars and within the development of Policy Framework – Strategic plan on active, healthy and active ageing. The plan will provide objectives and tools on the national level for adaptation of health and social systems to the needs of the elderly; and policies increasing integration of the ageing people in the economy and into community in general.

At the municipal level, best practices are identified through surveys and on-site visits both in the Czech Republic and cooperating EU countries. Chosen best practices will be further discussed and evaluated in order to make necessary adjustments for their implementation in the Czech environment. As a result the Toolkit for Municipalities containing practical tools and guidance for municipalities on how to effectively plan and commission LTC services while applying principles of active, healthy and dignified ageing will be published.

Dissemination activities

Dissemination activities of the project such as surveys, web page, press releases and conferences, distribution of materials and project outputs shall involve and raise awareness of relevant policy-makers and other stakeholders about possibilities of active and healthy ageing.

Information seminars for representatives of municipalities and local authorities and the final conference will present project outputs to the wider public.
Also all results, articles, reports and documents (Strategic plan, Toolkit for municipalities) are to be continuously published on the website and disseminated among relevant stakeholders and opinion-makers.

Press conferences and press releases are organized on a regular basis or when important project outcomes are to be published.