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The projects main objective is to promote quality, sustainability, accessibility and effectiveness of spending on health, long-term care and social services through development of new guidelines and tools supporting active, healthy and dignified ageing in the Czech Republic.

First specific objective is to collect and make use of access to ready, accurate and reliable statistical data concerning the ageing population and its vulnerable groups and data on current situation in provision of health and long term care services in the Czech Republic; and, within the EU cooperation, review successful policies supporting active and healthy ageing in order to increase quality, accessibility and sustainability of the system.

Second specific objective is to increase policy coordination among relevant stakeholders through design of a national policy framework – Strategic plan for healthy, active and dignified ageing and sustainable provision of health and long-term care services; and preparation of new legislative rules on the long-term care.

Third specific objective is to translate the principles of healthy and active ageing into practical policy recommendations, and to develop practical tools assisting municipalities to plan and commission LTC services while applying principles of active, healthy and dignified ageing.

Finally, the project is aiming to raise awareness of the potentials of active and healthy ageing on both national and local levels and to increase involvement in the policy making process of general public, key stakeholders and policy makers through debate, exchange of experience and best practice, workshops and seminars anddissemination activities of the project.