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Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (MoH)

who is responsible for implementation of the project. As the applicant has the overall responsibility for the implementation and administration of the project. Within the project, it is responsible for organization of a kick-off meeting and a conference, all analytical activities, and within the policy making activities it is responsible for dissemination of the policy paper on policies for active and aealthy ageing, the development of the Strategic plan, visits of key-officials in EU countries, organisation of an expert seminar on active, healthy and dignified ageing, and participation on the development of legislation on LTC. It also cooperates through consultations on best practices identification, development of the toolkit for municipalities and on dissemination activities.

Ministry of Health also co-finances the project.

Centre for Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care of the Faculty of Humanities – Charles University in Prague (CELLO)

CELLO is a think-tank and a research centre affiliated to Faculty of Humanities Charles University in Prague. Its main objectives are to promote and improve quality of long-term care, to share experience and good practice in long-term care and ageing related issues. The Centre is involved in a broad spectrum of research and professional activities that all concern ageing and long term care development.It communicates regularly with media, organizes specialized seminars and also press conferences focusing on different topics of ageing and thus actively disseminates information on ageing. On the academic level, it cooperates actively with medical and social science faculties, faculties of management in health-social care sector, the Society for Geriatrics and Gerontology and, on the practical level, with key providers of geriatric care and relevant ministries (the Governmental Committee on Old Persons and Population Ageing of the Government of the Czech Republic). On the local level it organizes discussions with seniors and local care providers and stakeholders (Project “Senior Tour”).

CELLO is responsible for coordination of best practices identification on municipal level both on the European level and in the Czech Republic, the report on best practices, organisation of a good practice workshop in Prague, and for the development of the toolkit for municipalities. It is also responsible for the public debate and overall dissemination activities of the project (info materials, the webpage, press releases and conferences, information seminars and the final conference).

European Centre for Social Welfare Training and Research (Austria)

The European Centre is a UN-affiliated intergovernmental organization concerned with all aspects of social welfare policy and research. It has become one of the centres of excellence in the field of healthy and active ageing. One of recent projects financed by the 7th Framework Programme was the project INTERLINKS, objectives of which were to construct and validate a general model to describe and analyse long-term care systems for older people from a European perspective. It modelled the INTERfaces and LINKS with prevention, rehabilitation, quality of services and informal care of health systems and long-term care for older people in Europe. One of the recent publications published by the Centre is Evidence of Active Ageing across the EU (by Asghar Zaidi).

The European Centre is responsible for the review of existing policy programmes supporting active and healthy ageing and costs and benefits in the Policy paper on Policies for Active, Healthy and Dignified ageing. The European Centre is also responsible for preparation and organisation of the Good practice workshop in Vienna for Czech and Austrian stakeholders and assists the Czech team in finding examples of good practice on municipal level in Austria. The Euuropean Centre will also cooperate on dissemination of the project outcomes to its members in later stages of the project.