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Project team

Project leader

Ludmila Vostřáková
Director of the Department of Health Social Services at the Ministry of Health
as a project leader has overall responsibility for the project and is accountable for all external and internal aspects of it. She ensures successful communication across the ministerial level, with the key activity leaders and delivers the results to the minister of health. She also actively contributes to the development of the Strategic Plan on active, healthy and dignified ageing.

Key activity leaders

Tomáš Roubal
as a Key activity leader for analytical activities is responsible for overall design of analytical studies and data I of desired analytical outputs. He closely cooperates with intergovernmental statistical agencies as well with other stakeholders (MLSA, CZSO) relevant for provision of health and social data, and on collection, evaluation and consequent use of data sets in analytical reports. He selects and engages other analysts and is responsible for the delivery of analytical e-reports and the Executive Summary of analytical outcomes. He also actively participates in the process of creation of legislation on long-term care and the Strategic Plan development.

Tomáš works as an analyst at the Cabinet of Minister of Health. At the ministry, Tomáš is also responsible for new long-term care legislation and is the national expert on long term care for the OECD.

Iva Holmerova
As a key aktivity leader Iva has overall responsibility for activities carried out by the partners and leads activities related to best practice identification and the development of the Toolkit for Municipalities. Together with the project coordinator she ensures timely and quality dissemination of the project activities and results. She assures liaisons with other Czech and European stakeholders, academic sector and representatives of municipalities.

Associate Professor Dr. Iva Holmerová PhD is Head of Centre for Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care of Faculty of Humanities Charles University in Prague

Iva Holmerová has extensive academic, research and also practical experience in the field of ageing and long-term care. She has been a leader of number of research and policy making projects and as a director of the Gerontology Centre has also practical experience with implementation of measures supporting quality and sustainability of long-term care and active ageing. She intensively cooperates with Czech and European stakeholders on the development of long-term care.

Ondřej Mátl
As a key activity leader Ondřej is responsible for coordination of activities relating to the development of the Strategic Plan for active, healthy and dignified ageing and relating expert debate.

He also takes part in the best practice identification/evaluation by preparation of methodology and assessing the best practices of healthy and active ageing policies and the provision of health and long-term care on the municipal level (both in the Czech Republic and European participating countries).

Project coordinator

Radka Vepřková
co-ordinates diverse components of the project and is responsible for overall administration and dissemination activities (including public debate, organisation of workshops, seminars, conference,and public relations) on the partner side (CELLO). Radka is also actively involved in the best practice identification among Czech and EU municipalities.

Marcela Janečková
Marcela participates on the development of evaluation methodology and surveys for municipalities, best practice identification with specific emphasis on vulnerable groups and onthe development of the Toolkit.

She is responsible for dissemination planning (webpage), writing of policy briefs and cooperates with the keyactivity leader and project coordinator on preparation of workshops and final conference, and dissemination activities towards the relevant stakeholders.