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Results and Outputs

The project is expected to bring several outcomes that shall gradually improve the situation of the elderly and reinforce measures promoting active ageing in the Czech Republic. Specifically, the project is expected to have following impact:

  • To increase awareness with all stakeholders, policy makers and the media about the topic of active and healthy ageing and sustainability in provision of health and long-term care services in the Czech Republic
  • To provide overview and increase awareness about the magnitude of the problem of ageing, dependency, health status, economic situation and disability of ageing population in the Czech Republic
  • To increase the know-how of local stakeholders about local needs/needs of vulnerable groups and informal carers, availability, accessibility and quality of formal services.
  • Measures supporting active and healthy ageing will influence people to take better decisions with regard to their health and life style, higher participation at work and the use of the potentials of the community, which will eventually lead to lower spending on health and social care.
  • To provide guidelines and tools for municipalities on how they can independently plan, commission and manage financially health and LTC services will result in more intensive involvement of the municipal level
  • To increase know-how of representatives of municipalities and providers of practical measures and tools supporting active ageing and provision of LTC services in the community
  • To bring better linkages and cooperation with other European stakeholders


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